Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Got Pole?

People are looking for new fun ways to exercise and pole dancing brings an aerobic, yet sensual form to a workout.

Poles make a great addition to any home workout room or dance studio. They are easy to install, and easy to move for the woman on the go. We carry two different portable workout poles that you can set up in a few easy steps and then be on your way to working out in privacy. The Carmen Electra Pole and the Sharon Polsky Pole

You have heard all the rage, and want to try it out yourself. There is a reason that many celebrities and fitness experts are recommending the pole workout. Stripper moves are great for the body, and a fun way to get that body toned fast. Many a famous woman, from Teri Hatcher to Carmen Electra, has explained the virtues of this new and sexy workout technique.

Here are some great benefits to the workouts you can perform in a gym, dance studio, or in your home.

  • Increased upper body strength

  • Toned abs and core

  • Building up of upper leg muscle

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increase in self-esteem as a result of body control

Pole workouts requires a lot of body strength and a 30 minute sessions will feel like a 60 minute session the next day!

Muscles in your arms, legs and abdomen will be working harder than they’ve worked before giving you that well toned look you’ve always been after. Each session is approached as an exercise session, with warming up and cooling down stretches. Most people coming to pole workout sessions will find they have muscles they didn’t know they had so it’s important to warm them up before using them.

Discover this exotic new form of dance and exercise and you may just find the absolutely best way for you to stay fit. This is a sultry and alluring way to dance off the pounds as well as create and/or maintain muscle strength and flexibility. This is a perfect exercise that will lengthen and strengthen your muscles, put a swing in your hips, and best of all – it is exercise you can really look forward to.

Below are a few videos regarding pole dancing and various types of exercises. Enjoy!