Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All About Bustiers

Bustier...when most women consider this lingerie piece, they think uncomfortable, impractical and just not for them. But this could not be further from the truth. Bustiers can be very comfortable with the flexible stretch fabrics of today and very practical for specific occasions or clothing choices. Of course, bustiers are also still a favorite when looking for an exotic, sexy lingerie piece.

A sultry strapless bustier is a very functional lingerie item. In addition to the practicality of being strapless, bustiers work well with more fitted clothing. The bustier helps you achieve that desirable hourglass shape that is talked about so much on What Not to Wear shows. Sometimes a bustier are also referred to as a bustier corset because of this slimming ability. When shopping for a strapless bustier or bustier corset, look for comfortable fabric and seaming as it will be very close to your skin. Check how you look both at the top and the bottom of the hourglass. You do not want to have the appearance of simply squeezing out the ends of a tube, this devastates the hourglass look.

Another feature often found on bustiers is garter straps. Then you can wear the always steamy thigh panty hose. But the advantage is that you do not have the panty hose top to worry about as that is usually the most uncomfortable part of wearing panty hose to begin with. So find fabulous sexy bustier and maybe find an occasion that calls for those stockings with the sexy seam up the back.

One occasion where you will really want a strapless bustier is your wedding. Your wedding gown is a very beautiful and carefully chosen item and you do not want just wear any old bra under it. A bridal bustier is perfect. Depending upon your gown, it may be strapless and low backed. It will help accentuate your beautiful curves under the lovely gown. Plus bustiers are very sexy. Think about how excited your husband will be to have it revealed on the honeymoon. Bridal bustiers are usually white or cream to match your gown and blend with skin.

Of course, when men think of sexy lingerie, they will think of a bustier. Bustiers are a favorite of exotic dancers. Interestingly, bustiers cover more flesh than does a bra, but the thought of taking it off sends shivers down a man's spine. They are often in very vivid colors with lace detailing. Sometimes they have buttons or laces. But they all say "Come on baby, let's have some fun."

Another fun and popular place sexy bustiers show up is in costumes for both fantasy and occasions such as Halloween. The lusty French Maid look for a sexy Halloween costume often has a bustier styled top. Another sexy costume is the saucy wench with the bustier corset laced up over the puffy sleeved blouse.

Simply said, you can't go wrong purchasing a bustier if you are looking to stir up some action. The always exotic bustier will do the trick every time.

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