Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Red Hot Annie & Natasha Minsk...Deep In The Heart of Texas

I was contacted recently by Red Hot Annie to see if I'd be interested in writing a few blog posts regarding the Texas Burlesque Festival coming up this weekend in Austin. I also hope to share a bit about her adventures traveling from Chicago to Austin for the performance and her brief stay in Texas while she performs.

She will be flying down to Texas with
Natasha Minsk on early Thursday morning and I hope to have our photographers strategically placed at the Chicago airport to catch them both at their finest at 6 am!

Over the next few days look for more pictures of their travels along with their performances on Friday & Saturday evening in Austin. If you're in the Austin area, make sure you clear your schedule and get ready for a fun evening both nights!

If you're not familiar with Red Hot Annie...well, her story is quite interesting.

Red Hot Annie’s burlesque career began quite by accident. Originally a modest hot dog vendor, she peddled Annie’s Red Hots up and down the streets of Chicago.

Annie prided herself on the quality of her hot dogs, taking care not to rush an order. To offset the inevitable waiting and to keep her customers happy, Annie performed little dances for them while the food cooked.

Sadly, though, as the big chain restaurants moved in and as people began to forsake quality for faster and faster service, Annie was forced to pack up her hot dog cart for good.

However, in a textbook case of making lemonade out of lemons, she realized that she could put her dancing skills to use in the world of burlesque.